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    SF Chronicle Article on Latest Warriors Arena Plan

    San Francisco unveiled details Friday of a $60 million transportation plan for the proposed Golden State Warriors arena in Mission Bay, setting the stage for an election day showdown on the $1 billion site. Coming in at 2,500 pages, the final environmental impact report, which includes hundreds of pages of comments from the opposition group Mission Bay Alliance, calls for the creation of a “transportation improvement fund” to be administered by a neighborhood advisory group. It also includes plans for a light-rail center boarding platform with “crossover tracks,” similar to… Read More

    Great Article: If Your Flight Is Overbooked, Don’t Volunteer to Get Bumped

    “Flights are overbooked all the time. If you’re going to be bumped, don’t volunteer to take the airline’s compensation—whether they offer cash or a voucher. Instead, be one of those passengers involuntarily denied boarding and receive much more in compensation.” View full article here:

    Title Insurance: A Friend in Deed

    Title insurance protects mortgage lenders and borrowers in disputes over ownership of a property There are titleholders in beauty pageants, spelling bees and boxing matches. But only one title matters when buying a home. Before a sale is complete, both the bank and the borrower want to be sure that the title—the formal document that shows proof of ownership—is free and clear. That means there are no delinquent taxes, unpaid liens, undisclosed heirs or other disputes that must be resolved before the house can be sold. A title search and… Read More

    Condo Owners in West Get High Grades

    San Francisco is first in education in a survey of luxury-condo buyers in six U.S. cities, with 60% holding graduate degrees The penthouse of Alicia Lopez-Monteverde and her husband, Dante Monteverde, at the Martin, one of two Las Vegas buildings included in the survey. Las Vegas owners came in last for education levels, though 85% of respondents had college degrees. Photo: JPM Studios In San Francisco, the smart money is on condos. In a survey of about 1,215 luxury-condo owners in six cities, San Francisco had the highest-educated residents, according… Read More

    8 ways home buyers can make their offer stand out

    Home buyer Susan Giddens (right) views a home with her agent Linnette Edwards (left) which she recently bought in Oakland, California, on Wednesday, May 27, 2015. Giddens toured the property two weeks ago for ten minutes before she made an offer, with this being her first visit back to the property. Gone are the days when offering top dollar was enough to buy a house.