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SF Chronicle Article on Latest Warriors Arena Plan

San Francisco unveiled details Friday of a $60 million transportation plan for the proposed Golden State Warriors arena in Mission Bay, setting the stage for an election day showdown on the $1 billion site. Coming in at 2,500 pages, the final environmental impact report, which includes hundreds of pages of comments from the opposition group Mission Bay Alliance, calls for the creation of a “transportation improvement fund” to be administered by a neighborhood advisory group. It also includes plans for a light-rail center boarding platform with “crossover tracks,” similar to the one in front of AT&T Park, that will “increase T-Third transit capacity and reduce walking distance to the arena and hospital,” according to the document. And it calls for the purchase of four new rail cars for the T-Third line and the creation of two satellite parking lots on Port of San Francisco property south of Mission Bay. All of the improvements, as well as $6 million in annual operating costs, will be funded by fees collected at the arena from special taxes on ticket sales, parking and concessions. The commission of the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, the city agency responsible for administering environmental reviews of projects in Mission Bay, will vote on whether to certify the environmental report on Nov. 3 — election day. If the 10/26/2015 $60 million for transportation in latest Warriors arena plan – San Francisco Chronicle 3/5 commission approves the project, as expected, the Mission Bay Alliance will probably appeal it to the Board of Supervisors. “Now we are in the homestretch,” said Warriors spokesman P.J. Johnston. “Even when you’re proposing a privately funded venue on private property, you have to engage the community and conduct an appropriate public planning process. That’s what we have done here.”

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